About us

Maya & Pablo

Sutainable Entrepreneurs

We are Maya Van Treeck and Pablo Bilbao, a creative, enthusiastic and complementary couple who has a lot of enthusiasm for sustainable change!

A few years ago we started our quest for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Today it has become our passion! Local brands, making things ourselves and inspiring others to live greener: it gives us so much energy to keep going!

Savonke was born out of our experiences with making soap and shampoo. It’s such a magical and interesting world!

Savonke is a sustainable and artisan shampoo-workshop in the centre of Antwerp.

Apart from the goal to have a positive impact on the environment, Savonke also wants to be socially engaged by helping out blind and visually impaired people. We involve them in the manufacturing process by offering them internships. Hopefully one day we will be able to hire them as well.

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