Maya & Pablo

Sustainable entrepreneurs

We are Maya Van Treeck and Pablo Bilbao, a creative, enthousiastic and complementary couple. We really enjoy contributing to a more sustainable future!

Several years ago we started to live more consciously and sustainably. Over the years, sustainability has become our passion! Discovering local brands, creating things by yourself (DIY) and inspiring others to live a greener life: we love going on with it!

SAVONKE has developed thanks to the wonderful world of shampoo and soap, with which we like to experiment more than anything.

SAVONKE is an artisan workshop in De Groene Stadshut in Antwerp where natural cosmetics are handcrafted.

Besides an artisanal workshop, SAVONKE is also a social workshop; At SAVONKE we engage us by working inclusive. We for example offer disabled people trainee posts.