SAVONKE is an artisan workshop in the heart of Antwerp where Maya and Pablo make natural cosmetics by hand.

SAVONKE stands for minimal ingredients for maximum results.

All products of SAVONKE are a feast for your eyes and offer you comfort;
you can for example easily take your SAVONKE-products with you when going on holidays.

You can buy the products via our webshop and in the shops of our retailers.

All SAVONKE products are…


None of the SAVONKE-products contain animal ingredients.

Zero waste

At SAVONKE we prefer products in their solid form rather than in their liquid form. In that way, we avoid water wastage and narrow down the emission of CO2 during transport. In addition to that, all our packaging is made of agricultural waste. That way, the packaging is easily compostable.

Cruelty free

The ingredients and products of SAVONKE are obviously not tested on animals.
We don’t want to contribute to animal suffering.

We aim at the use of as many organic ingredients as possible in our products and try to replace non-organic ingredients with organic alternatives.

You won’t find any plastic packaging or ‘plastic’ ingredients such as silicone and parabens in our products. In that way, we don’t contribute to unnecessary plastic pollution and our products are kind to your skin.

Hand made

SAVONKE has come into existence as shampoo-workshop in De Groene Stadshut, where we make all our products by hand and sell them in our shop and eco-shop. You can also visit De Groene Stadshut for DIY workshops .